Our Story

Hakim (Dr.) Hafiz Abdul Khalique was Imam of Belgachia Jama Masjid for more than 20 years. He never compromised with wrong deeds. He was a man of Iron determination. He helped many people without differentiating cast & creed. He imparted lessons in Arabic & Persian as he had mastery in those languages. He made orphans and poor girls marry. He served freely to the needy patients just for the sake of Almighty mercy.


The aims and objectives of the mission are purely social and humanitarian and have no connection with politics.
It is said that ‘Service to mankind is service to God’ Prime objective is to help those deprived of basic needs such as food shelter and education.

As it is quoted from Al- Tirmidhi Harish 107 (s a w) “Acquire knowledge and impart it to the people“.

It is also one of the motives “No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated.” (Nelson Mandela)


The principal workers of the mission are the members. The mission’s activities are over the following areas.

1. Health Care
2. Education
3. Cultural activities etc.

The mission helped with cash to observe Eid to needy people and also distributed meals to the poor.

H A K Mission is a welfare organization. The Mission is named after and inspired by the Hakim (Dr.)Hafiz Abdul Khaliq former imam of Belgachia JAMA MASJID and Hakim by profession, founded by m salahuddin his grand son in 2016.

The Organization is keen to carry out educational and philanthropic work in and around our locality first. The mission bases its position on the principle of serving humanity, the principle of selfless work done with her dedication to the almighty.


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Your donation provides us the courage to help those who really help. Such as providing education, shelter, food, emotional  support and other necessities to those affected.

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Cater Education

One of our mission is to cater education to the slum children in an around our locality to be proud and responsible citizen of our country.